Transactions: overview, details, sign, send

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Transactions overview

The transactions overview lists all created and uploaded transactions that are not yet sent.


Click on the tab Transactions.


Preset filters allow you to

  • view transactions matching specific criteria:

  • limit the view to a specific ebanking contract (minimum requirement of 2 ebanking contracts linked):
Status of a transaction

You can view the status of a transaction in the overview (in the column Action) or in the details of transaction.

TIP: Hover over the status icon to see the description.

Icon Status

The transaction needs To be completed, user interaction is required.

The transaction is Refused by another user or by Isabel due to an error.

  The transaction needs To be signed.
The transaction is Sufficiently signed, is ready to send.
The transaction is Insufficiently signed. One or more signatures are missing to be able to send the transaction.

An action is pending. If you click the icon, you will see the message A refresh is needed to receive an update of the file status. Click OK to continue.


Urgent Transactions

Urgent transaction

An urgent transaction is shown with an exclamation mark.

Uploaded Transactions

When a transaction or group of transactions is uploaded an icon indicates its origin.

Icon Origin

The file is uploaded with a browser.

The file is uploaded with Isabel GO.

The file is uploaded by Isabel Corporate Synchronizer.
The file is uploaded with Telelink.



Transactions can be assigned to envelopes. The color of the envelope indicates the status of the transactions in the envelope:

  • Green envelope: all banking files are sufficiently signed
  • Blue envelope: all banking files are ready to be signed
  • Orange envelope: all banking files are already signed but still insufficiently signed
  • Yellow envelope: all banking files are in the TO BE COMPLETED status (ex. to accept an upload condition)
  • Red envelope: all banking files are in the ERROR status
  • White Crosshatched envelope: the banking files have a different status
View transaction details

Click on the transaction line of which you want to view the details

Browse through transactions

In the upper right part of the transaction details screen, navigation buttons allow you to go to the first / previous / next / last transaction within the boundaries of the current filter and the selected envelope.

Audit trail (activity history) of a transaction

The audit trail shows all steps in the lifecycle of a transactions (who created, modified, signed, sent,... the transaction)

  • From the details, click on the button Audit trail history
Create a report

Reports of transactions can contain overviews, details or summaries of selected transactions in both PDF and TXT format. The PDF can include the transactions' processing data. The text file has a csv structure and can be used to import data in a spreadsheet or a database.

  1. Select the transactions you want to include in your report.
  2. Click the Create Report button on top of the page, or select Create Report under Actions in the action pane.
  3. Select your report type:
    • Overview
      • Add Totals*
    • Details
      • Add processing data*
      • Start new page per file*
      • Sorting*
    • Summary
  4. Confirm your report format : PDF or TXT(csv)
  5. When generated, you can download and open your report by clicking My Reports in the navigation pane on top of the page.

*: only applicable to PDF reports

More information: Plan, download or import a report in a spreadsheet.

Manage Transactions
Using envelopes

You kan keep transactions together by assigning them to envelopes.

Add transactions to an envelope

  1. Select the transaction(s) you want to assign to the same envelope
  2. In the top right corner, click on Assign to envelope
  3. The window Assign selected transactions to will appear:
    • Choose an existing envelope from the list
    • Define the new name of your envelope and click on Create envelope. If no name is defined, the name of the envelope will be "Envelope of user name (date and time)"

Note: Although there is no limit, it is recommended to only have a maximum of 100 transactions in a single envelope.

Remove transactions from an envelope

  1. Select the transaction that you want to remove from the envelope
  2. Click on Remove from envelope. In case you want to assign it to another envelope, you do not need to remove it first from the current envelope

Rename an envelope

  1. Click on the current name of the envelope
  2. A text field will be shown where you can change the name
  3. Press ENTER if the name is adapted
Modify Transactions

From the details of your transaction Choose Modify transactions(s) from the left navigation menu

Note: Uploaded transactions (created by an accounting or ERP package) cannot be modified. In case you need to modify such a transaction, you can edit it using your accounting or ERP package and upload it again.

Verify the integrity of an uploaded file

When a banking file is uploaded, Isabel 6 calculates a unique hash on it. During the signature process, the content and integrity of the file is guaranteed by this hash. You can ask your IT department to calculate this hash to compare it with the hash displayed in the detail screen an on the signature screen. This way you can assure the file you are signing is exactly the one that you created in your accounting package.

Sign multiple transactions

You will be only able to sign as much transaction as available in your view. To view more transactions in your current view, you can assign transactions to envelopes or change the number of displayed transactions at the bottom of the page.

Invite another user to sign a transaction

When inviting a potential signer, the invited user will receive a mail (only if the signer has configured an email address in the preferences > General) informing him a transaction is ready to be signed.

To be able to invite potential signers, you need to be subscribed to the module MultiSign. The signer does not have to be subscribed to MultiSign.

  1. Open the details of your transaction
  2. In the left navigation menu, choose Modify processing options
  3. From the processing options, select the potential signers and use the arrow button to invite these users
Reject a transaction or request a change

As signer, you will have the option to reject a transaction or request a change.

  1. Open the details of the transaction
  2. Click on Request change from the left navigation menu
  3. Specify the reason why you reject the file

When a transaction is rejected, the file will get the status rejected. The specified reason why it is rejected can be found in the details of the transaction.

Note: once it is rejected, it cannot be modified anymore. The creator must recreate or upload the corrected transaction again.

Send transactions
  1. Select the transactions you want to send
  2. Click on send located in the left navigation menu

In case the transactions are not yet signed, you will be prompted to sign them.

Reuse, duplicate or clone a transaction
  1. Open the details of your Transaction.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select Clone transaction.
  3. A message will be shown informing you that the execution date will be updated.
  4. Confirm this message to reuse the transaction with all its content.
Delete transactions
  1. Select the transactions you want to delete
  2. select Delete in the left navigation menu
Transactions: overview, details, sign, send