How to sign transactions?

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Modified: 06/06/2019
  1. In the transactions overview, select the transaction(s) you wish to sign.
  2. In the Navigation panel, under Actions, click Sign.
    Note: When you don't have the appropriate power to sign authorizations for at least 1 transaction in your selection, the Sign link is greyed out
  3. An overview Window shows the transaction(s) you are about to sign. The reference code (in this example PLUM 015 NORTH SYLVAN) represents this list of transactions.
  4. Verify the account numbers, hash codes and amounts.
  5. If you agree with the content of the overview, memorise the signing reference, and click Sign
  6.  A pop-up window appears with a summary and the signing reference.
  7. The card reader beeps 3 times to inform you you are about to sign a transaction.
  8. Verify if the signing reference in the signature window is correct.
  9. Enter your PIN-code with the Isabel card reader and confirm. Your signature has been added to the transactions, and you return to the transactions overview.

How to sign transactions?