How to download or schedule reports and troubleshooting common issues

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Modified: 27/03/2020

How to access

You can access My reports window from anywhere in the Isabel application by clicking on in the top right corner.

How to

Download one or multiple reports
  • To download a single report:
    1. Click on the status, in the Status column (The report must be complete. Status is not: "In progress".)
    2. Download the PDF, TXT or XLS. Depending on your setup the option Open might be available.
  • To download multiple reports:
    1. Select the reports you want to download (all the selected reports must be complete. Status is not: "In progress".)
    2. Click on download.
    3. Download the ZIP archive. This ZIP contains all your requested reports.
Scheduling daily account information reports

When scheduling a report, the report will automatically become available for you at 8 a.m. on every workday. A scheduled report is only possible when you are using relative dates (e.g. yesterday, this week ...) while creating a report in Account information. You are able to find an overview of your scheduled reports by clicking on the tab My reports > 'My scheduled reports'.

There are 2 manners to schedule a report:

  1. Via the report window :
    1. Go to the tab Account Info.
    2. Select the accounts that you want to be included in the report and choose Create report.
    3. In the Create report window, set the option to Statement and select the End of day statements from option and the desired relative date. Choose your desired view options. 
    4. Select the option "Schedule this report".
    5. Choose PDF format, TXT format or XLSX format to create the report.
    6. Open the report once it's finished and verify if this is the report you want to schedule.
  2. Via the overview
    1. In the My reports window, select the report you want to schedule.
    2. Click Schedule.
      Note: If the column Scheduled does not contain "No", your report is not possible to schedule (= not based on a relative date).
Importing TXT report into a spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc)

Most reports created in TXT are structured with comma separated values, and can be imported into a spreadsheet application (like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc).  

  1. Download the TXT report from Isabel 6.
  2. Open your spreadsheet application.
  3. Choose File > Open > in the Open window, make sure the filetype is set to All files (*.*)

  4. select the file you downloaded from Isabel 6 and click Open
  5. Follow the steps in the import wizard.
  6. Your data will be available in your spreadsheet application


Txt reports contain additional messages

When you create a txt report, it now contains the free messages of the statements you're trying to print instead of lines for each transaction. This can be fixed by disabling the option 'Add statement message' in the report configuration screen. Now retry printing the report.

Inconsistent report configuration screen

When creating a report in Isabel, the configuration screen seems weird: buttons are missing, the content of some fields is empty, ... In Internet Explorer this can be fixed by deleting the cache and cookies of the browser:

  1. Log out of Isabel
  2. In Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon or Tools menu (or use Alt+X).
  3. Click on Internet options.
  4. In the first tab General, look for the category Browsing history and click in the button Delete...
  5. Make sure the second and third options are selected, respectively Temporary Internet files and website files and Cookies and website data. Make sure the option Preserve Favorites website data is disabled! The other options are irrelevant.
  6. Click on Delete and await the browser message on the bottom that IE has deleted the selected browsing history.
  7. Close the internet options by clicking on OK and log in to Isabel again.
  8. Retry creating a report, if the issue no longer appears this is related to a faulty cookie.
    • To resolve this you need to disable the 'Save report settings as default' setting.
    • In the Create Report screen, disable this option in the upper right corner.

If the issue persists, there must be a further issue. Please contact Isabel Customer Care for further assistance.

Creating a report results in an error message

When you create a report, the pop-up in the corner of your screen describes an error. When you check the result in 'My reports', the report isn't available and only appears as an error. In some cases this is caused by a faulty cookie that contains your saved report configuration. You can test this by retrying a report creation after deleting your browser's cache and cookies. If this resolves the issue once, but keeps persisting afterwards it's recommended to disable the 'Save report settings as default' function.

These instructions are the same as when confronted with an inconsistent report configuration, please check the previous box in this article.

The printing report stays in status "In progress"

When a report is created, it will be added to a queue and its status will be "in progress". The queue has a high priority for small reports (like the details of a transaction or the exchange rates). Larger reports can take up to a few minutes to be created.

Once a report is finished, you will be notified by a popup that will appear in the right bottom corner (similar to the popup when you request the report).

In case your report stays in the status "In progress", even after about 15 minutes there might be a delay in the printing service. In case of general issues you will be notified through the different ways of communication within the Isabel 6 application.

You are unable to download or open the PDF

Make sure you have at least Adobe PDF reader 9 or higher installed. Remove any previous versions that are currently installed and install Adobe PDF reader 9 or newer. You can obtain the latest Adobe PDF Reader version by going to

If the issue is not resolved, clear the Internet Explorer cache and verify if Adobe PDF Reader is correctly setup in Internet Explorer. Go to Adobe Support for more information.

File "PrintServlet?action=getContentOfPrint&docId=..." is offered as download instead of a PDF

When trying to download your PDF report you get the option to save a file called "PrintServlet?action=getContentOfPrint&docId=...". The file you download will not be a PDF.  

  • In the Isabel 6 Control Panel, go to Support > IE > Register IE dll's. Accept the warning message and restart the PC.

If the issue is not solved:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon in the top right corner > Internet options.
  2. In Internet Options, go to the Advanced tab.
  3. In the list, seach for Do not save encrypted pages to disk (in the category security). Make sure this option is unchecked.
  4. Save and close Internet Explorer.
  5. Try again.

If the issue is still not solved:

When printing a PDF report, it only contains headers and a table (you are using PDF complete)

When you print a PDF report you see that it only contains the header (with the Isabel and bank logo) and a table without any content (simular to the example below).

You are most likely using PDF Complete. Please use Adobe PDF reader to print your PDF. To obtain Adobe PDF reader, go to

In PDF Complete you can also change the Print Mode option to "Raster Printing".

How to view the document ID (for troubleshooting purposes)

Every created report has a unique document ID for troubleshooting purposes.

  1. To view the document ID, open My reports.
  2. With your mouse, hover of the column headers. An arrow will appear.
  3. Click on the arrow and choose Columns > docID.
How to download or schedule reports and troubleshooting common issues