New features in Isabel 6

Latest versions

Version 2.56 (since 9 February 2024)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.55 (since 7 December 2023)

  • New for itsme users in Isabel 6: now also signing non-euro payments
    Isabel 6 users logging in with itsme can now also sign non-euro payments with itsme. For the time being, this was only possible with euro. Now other currencies such as British pound, US dollar, ... can also be signed with itsme. However, the daily limit of itsme, namely payments up to a maximum of 500,000 euro per day and per user, still remains. The itsme limit check will hereby automatically convert the amounts of non-euro payments into euro based on the exchange rates in Isabel 6.
    > More info about Isabel 6 and itsme

Version 2.54 (since 6 October 2023)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.53 (since 11 August 2023)

  • Updated address screens

    With this new Isabel 6 release 2.53, you will see new postal address fields appear in the Isabel 6 user interface.
    This gives you more options for specifying all the necessary elements of the postal address and these screens are immediately future-proof with the new European SEPA payment standards and Febelfin implementation guidelines coming into force later this year.

    More details:

  • “Basic” and “Extended” buttons/menus enable you to respectively display a limited number of address fields, or all of them.
Screenshots entering payments
Screenshots Counterparties:

  • While reworking postal addresses we also have revisited the list of accepted characters. When you create new beneficiaries or when you edit existing ones, it could be that you are not allowed to use some special characters (<, $, >, %, !, ...) anymore.
  • The import of beneficiaries has also been adapted. If you produce files to import beneficiaries by yourself, please refer to our related support page and adapt your file generator based on the new specifications.
  • Users can now enter an IBAN account number for beneficiary accounts in Mongolia and Nicaragua


Version 2.52 (since 9 June 2023)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.51 (since 14 April 2023)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.47 (since 12 August 2022)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.46 (since 16 June 2022)

  • The ability to use the digital identity app itsme since June 2022 to log in and sign payments on Isabel 6:
  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.45 (since 8 April 2022)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.44 (since 10 February 2022)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.43 (since 10 December 2021)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Versie 2.42 (since 8 October 2021)

  • Improved screen with an overview of transactions to be signed

    The overview screen with the transactions you want to sign in Isabel 6 has undergone some changes and improvements since 8 October.

    Example 1: new signing screen - 1 transaction with 1 counterparty:

    The new screen shows a summary of:
  • the bank account of destination (1 counterparty) or the country list (if there are several counterparties),
  • the total amount (estimated and converted into euros, if composed of several currencies),
  • the number of transactions and counterparties,
  • the current date and time (time when the user initiated signing)
  • the new screen also shows the complete list of the transaction files to be signed.

    What exactly has been changed and improved?
    • The overview screen under the text AUTHORIZE TRANSACTION(S) clearly shows the total amount that you will be signing. Up to now, you were not shown the total amount but a reference code instead (e.g. PLUM 015 NORTH SYLVAN) which you had to remember and which then appeared again when you entered your signature. This reference code will disappear.
    • If the payments to be signed contain different currencies, you will still see a total amount in euros, but with the indication: "aggregated, estimated total amount, converted into EUR." This converted amount is not the exchange rate that your bank will apply. It is based on the exchange rates of the European Central Bank (ECB).
    • In case of a transaction to a single counterparty you will see the corresponding account number under the field 'To'; in case of multiple counterparties you will see the list of country codes to the respective countries of the transactions (see screen 2).
    • Under the Summary you will see an overview of all transaction files with a description, the number of transactions, the amount and the date.

      Example 2: new siging screen - 3 transactions with 3 counterparties:


Version 2.41 (since 13 August 2021)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.40 (since 4 June 2021)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.39 (since 7 April 2021)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.38 (since 12 February 2021)

  • Bug fix: IBAN was displayed without spaces in some cases
  • Bug fix: user couldn’t scroll back in bank menu
  • Bug fix: incorrect time displayed in audit trail (and other places of Transactions area) when changing from winter/summer time

Version 2.37 (since 14 December 2020)

  • Bugfixes
  • Egypt and Libya join the list of countries that support IBAN: you are no longer obliged to use a "free format" to represent an Egyptian or Libyan account. IBAN is now supported for both ordering and beneficiary accounts, for both manually created and uploaded payments.

Version 2.36 (since 14 September 2020)

  • Isabel Group has concluded a partnership with the financial institution Western Union Business Solutions. Isabel 6 users are able to look up Western Union Business Solutions rates by pressing the “Find best rates” button in the payment wizard.

    Customers who add Western Union Business Solutions as a financial institution in Isabel 6 will henceforth be able to access the reliable international payment services of Western Union Business Solutions directly from the familiar Isabel payment wizard. More news.
  • A distinction has been drawn between the two Koreas in the country selection, where you can henceforth clearly find North Korea and South Korea.
  • Bug fixes and technical updates.

Version 2.35 (since 15 June 2020)

  • Technical updates

Version 2.34 (since 7 March 2020)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.33 (since 15 December 2019)

  • Bug fixes and technical updates

Version 2.32 (since 17 November 2019)

  • Technical updates for Seven, the successor of Isabel 6

Version 2.31 (since 24 June 2019)

  • Improved signing procedure with new overview window
  • Possibility to sign at a colleague's PC thoroughly renewed
  • Range increased under 'Manage counterparties' (up to 100 per page)
  • Bug fixes: BIC-code now also shown in pdf-report of a direct debit file and signers can now be invited back during the uploading of files
  • Name update of the country Macedonia (MK) to North-Macedonia

Version 2.30 (since 8 April 2019)

  • Viewing and requesting exchange rates now possible when making payments in foreign currencies
  • Improvement: BIC code now also in PDF report
  • Own IBAN for Vatican City State
  • Management of Isabel 6 account: add or update your e-mail address

Version 2.29 (since 8 December 2018)

  • Bugfix for users of the Edge browser: the built-in detection of Edge treated account numbers erroneously as telephone numbers and made them clickable. This option has now been disabled.
  • Newly added currency in Isabel 6: Venezuelan bolivar soberano (BES)
  • The following names have been changed in Isabel 6: CZ – Czech Republic was changed to Czechia and SZ - Swaziland to Eswatini.
  • The e-mail you receive automatically when you have to sign for a payment showed an empty text in the body of the e-mail. The empty text field is now filled in.
  • In certain TXT and XLS reports there was a problem with the separator for the thousands in the intraday balance. It was wrongly written and has now been corrected.

Version 2.28 (since 9 September 2018)

  • Improvements of reports in TXT format: The export of reports to TXT is completely renewed in the tabs (Sent) Transactions. The output is a TXT file that you can process further in Excel.
  • New Isabel 6 logo: The Isabel 6 logo has been given a facelift through the entire application.
  • The Mauritanian ouguiya has been added as a currency in Isabel 6
  • Bugfixes in searches for account information and when navigating with arrow keys through (Sent) Transactions.

Version 2.27 (since 11 June 2018)

Version 2.26 (since 10 March 2018)

  • Extra arrow buttons for smooth navigation through payments in Transactions and Sent Transactions
  • A created envelope no longer closes automatically when navigating through all transactions.
  • European structured communication added.
  • New icon indicates how payment files are uploaded in Isabel 6 (manually,  Isabel Go, Isabel Corporate Synchroniser, ING Telelink)
  • ‘Transactions’ overview report in TXT format shows a column with the hash code of files uploaded in Isabel 6.
  • Adaptations to SEPA direct debits to comply with the latest changes of the European SDD Core rulebook.
  • Bugfixes for Isabel 6 and Mac, Edge, Firefox and Chrome

Version 2.25 (since 10 December 2017)

  • Improved intuitive search function to find amounts in your account information quickly
  • Better overview of your CODA and  MT940 files thanks to an extra Account Holder Name column
  • No extra PIN needed any longer when logging out after lengthy inactivity
  • Warning window if the maximum number of 5 signatories for payments is exceeded
  • Warning window when uploading specific payment files if the name tag <Nm> contains more than 70 characters

Version 2.24 (since 24 September 2017)

  • Possible to save report settings
  • Improvements in reporting in xlsx format
  • Real-time exchange rates for iBanFirst customers in Isabel 6
  • Increased search results in Account Info
  • E-mail address in preferences: confirmation e-mail when e-mail address is changed
  • Improvement for counterparties: new IBAN codes for certain countries
  • Address required for new SEPA direct debit mandates for non-EEA countries
  • Bugfixes: bug with clearing codes solved

Version 2.23 (since 13 August 2017)

  • Improvements in reporting: read reports directly in Excel, give yourself a name to your report, plan longer report periods, direct planning of reports and additional standard periods for reports.
  • New financial institution iBanFirst joins Isabel 6: now 27 financial institutions in Isabel 6
  • Bugfixes

Version 2.22 (since 11 March 2017)

  • Bugfixes
  • Improvements in reporting: from now on, you will be shown a message if you have requested the same report twice, while your first request is still running in the background.  You will also get such a message if you plan the same report as was already planned in the past.
  • Improved validation of beneficiaries upon creation or upload: you will now be able to enter IBAN numbers also for counterparties in certain countries (Brazil, Saint Lucia, Pakistan, Palestine, Seychelles), and will no longer have to choose “free format.”
  • Security updates

Version 2.21  

  • Bugfixes
  • Technical adaptations
  • Security updates

Version 2.14

  • Accountinfo for signers: Isabel-users with only the Isabel 6 Bankit Signing Module can now see their account info, view totals, execute monetary conversions and use the Isabel Multibanking app.
  • Old Belgian direct debit numbers deleted: The old Belgian direct debit numbers have meanwhile been replaced by SEPA-mandates. Isabel has deleted all old direct debit numbers of existing customers in Isabel 6 who were once created with obsolete direct debit wizards. Normally you have transferred these old direct debit number to SEPA-mandates.
  • Creditor management screen in the Operations tab disappears: with the arrival of SEPA these screens have become obsolete and have been cleared.
The overview screen with the transactions you want to sign in Isabel 6 has undergone some changes and improvements since 8 Oc

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