How to download and install the Isabel 6 Security Components

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Modified: 06/09/2021


I want to upgrade my computer or install Isabel on another computer

You can install the Isabel Security Components on another computer (see the installation manual below). Keep in mind that your computer must meet the system requirements (almost all computers running Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 will meet these requirements).

In case you want to use Isabel on multiple computers, you can share the same card reader or order an additional one.

Will my data in Isabel 6 be available on another computer?

All data in Isabel 6 will be available as it is a cloud application and no data is stored locally.

In case you are using the optional module Isabel Offline Reporting, you will need to install Isabel Offline Reporting on your new computer. Once installed, you can backup your data from your old computer and restore it on your new computer.

I already installed the Security Components for KBC/CBC or BNP Paribas Fortis.

Installing only the Isabel Security Components is sufficient to access these bank applications. You can uninstall other versions of the security components before installing Isabel. You only need to keep the links to the online applications.

Installation Manual for 

Installation Manual for Windows

You can find the Isabel Security Components in the Windows download area.

Choose Save when you are requested to run, save or cancel your download. 

Choose Run once the download is finished.


Welcome Screen


License agreement

Confirm that you agree to terms of the software license agreement.


Security information regarding SmartCard operations

Read and confirm the message.


Verification of Installation Requirements

During the installation the system requirements will be checked and displayed in a report:

  • OK: This condition has been met.
  • Warning: This condition is not met or it could not be verified. You are allowed to continue, but it is recommended to manually verify this condition in order to prevent issues in the future.
  • Error: This requirement was not met. You will not be able to continue the installation. You will need to restart the installation after this requirement has been corrected.


Select Destination Folder

The default destination folder for the installation of the Isabel Security Components will be proposed. The destination folder can be modified if needed (only for advanced users).


Additional shortcuts

You can opt to add Isabel shortcuts on your desktop and/or to your favorites.


Trusted sites

In order for the Isabel application to function properly in Internet Explorer, a number of websites used by the application have to be added to the list of Trusted sites.


Select Additional Features to Install

The installer will suggest an optional feature to install along with the Isabel Security Components. You can still install this feature at a later time if desired (see the "separate download" references in the list below). The available component is:

  • ING Bank Modules: This feature provides the option in Isabel 6 to launch ING Telelink Offline by clicking the ING logo > Open Telelink download (separate download).

The selected extra will be downloaded at a later stage of the installation and will cause the installation to take more time.


Installation list

In this screen you'll find an overview of all the components that will placed on your computer. If you would like to make a change to this, you can use the Back button to return to previous sections and reconfigure them. If everything in the list is correct, click Install.


Installation processing and finalizing

After the installation of the Isabel Security Components you will receive following options:

  • Start the connectivity program (recommended): this will give a first indication if extra actions are required for your firewall or proxy settings. Please contact your IT or system administrator if one of these tests fails.
  • Show the Windows Installer log: this will open a new document with the installation log. If the installation would fail this could be a source of information.
  • Install the additional features: this will start the installation of the selected additional features. This option will not be available if no additional features have been selected.


Reboot your pc.

After the installation.

  1. Install the webextensions when using one of the following browsers:
  2. Next, go to:

Installation Manual for 

Installation Manual for MacOS

Download the Isabel Security Components and open the disk image

You can find the Isabel Security Components in the Mac download area.

Click on the Download button or select the desired version to initiate the download.

When using the default browser Safari, the installation package will be downloaded into the Downloads folder.

Click on the Downloads folder in the Dock, then click on the Isabel Security Components disk image to open it.



Start the installer

Double-click on the blue icon to start the installer.


Welcome screen


Read me: Security information regarding SmartCard operations

Read the message and continue.


License: Software License Agreement

Confirm that you agree to the terms of the software license agreement.


Installation Type: Free space requirements & confirm system restart

The installer shows the space required for a standard installation. Click on Install to proceed.

The computer must be restarted after completing the installation.


Installation: Confirm administrator credentials & complete installation

Enter your credentials (or those of an administrator if you do not have administrator rights) and click on Install Software:

The installation will now proceed.


Summary: Completion & request to move installer to the Trash


Reboot your pc.

After the installation.


Installation Issues

How to download and install the Isabel 6 Security Components