Getting started with Isabel 6

From contract to expert in 5 steps

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Step 1: Request Isabel 6 and sign your contract

As soon as you have requested your Isabel 6 subscription, the Isabel team or the representative at your bank will make up your contract. As soon as you have signed your contract and it has been processed by us, you will receive your unique Isabel User ID and subscription number within 2 days.

From now on, you can get started!

Step 2: Link your bank accounts to your subscription

As soon as you have received your Isabel User ID and subscription number, you should contact the banks your want to activate in Isabel 6 as soon as possible. They will link your accounts to your Isabel 6 subscription. You don't have to wait until your accounts have been linked to start step 3.

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Step 3: Install your card reader and activate your Isabel SmartCard

Whilst your banks are working on the linking of your accounts to your subscription, you will receive your card reader and Isabel SmartCard. These are both being sent seperately, so it's possible that they don't arrive on the same day.

Attention: each Isabel SmartCard has an expiration date for the activation. Make sure you activate your Isabel SmartCard immediately when you receive it to avoid possible additional costs.

Step 4: Activate modules in Isabel 6

Time to log on to Isabel 6. You can easily do this via the login button on the customer zone on the website. As soon as you have been logged on for the first time, you will get a message asking you to sign up to modules. Customers using the standard module of Isabel 6 can extend their subscription with various optional modules with more specific functions, to which they can subscribe at all times to turn Isabel 6 into a real financial solution adapted to their needs.

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Step 5: From beginner to expert

Congratulations! You can now start working with Isabel 6. With our tips and tools you can easily strengthen your knowledge of Isabel 6, or you can ask for a training at your office or go to a training center nearby.


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Do you have questions or need (technical) help?

Contact Isabel Customer Care on +32 (0)2 404 03 37 or via Our Customer Care employees are available each working day between 8:00 and 18:00 and will be happy to help!

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