Get more out of Isabel 6 with customised options

Smarter accounting

Isabel 6 works seamlessly with your accounting package. Eliminate duplicate work and make full use of the extensive integration options. In doing so, you will eliminate manual operations and save time and money, whilst you and your colleagues can concentrate on core tasks.

Upload payment files

By using payment files, you no longer have to enter your payments manually. This functionality is included by default in your subscription and is supported by nearly all accounting packages and ERP systems in Belgium. This means you don't have to activate an extra module for this functionality.

Export account info

Activate this optional module to receive your bank statements electronically (CODA, MT940, CAMT) in your Isabel 6 environment.

Isabel Go: the button in your accounting software

Thanks to this optional module, you can easily send and receive payments and account information directly to and from Isabel 6.

E-book "Smart accounting"

Better teamwork

Isabel 6 is made by and for professionals. Companies have other needs than private individuals and our systems are attuned to those needs. It is perfectly possible to work smoothly together with several colleagues in one subscription and to delegate responsibilities whilst retaining full control.


This optional module allows you to have payments with high amounts signed by multiple responsibles.

E-book "Better teamwork"

Other optional modules

Manage Direct Debits

By activating this optional module, your SEPA Direct Debits will be fully supported in Isabel 6.

Upload of cheques and various files

In agreement with your bank, this module enables you to upload free format files and cheques (RCA files).

Isabel Offline Reporting

Isabel Offline Reporting is a small software locally installed on your PC, designed to easily create reports based on account information downloaded daily from Isabel 6. 

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