Your device could not establish a secure connection

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Modified: 07/05/2019


During login your pin is asked. When pressing "CANCEL" on the Pinpad reader, the autentication is aborted.

Please log in again via the Customer Zone.


If you did not press "CANCEL", follow the steps below.

1. Software and hardware known to interfere with Isabel 6
  1. Check if there are specific security software packages installed (or any other programs that might interfere with the workings of Isabel 6) and adapt the configuration if necessary.

  2. Disconnect the Isabel 6 cardreader and reconnect on another USB. Try to login.
    If any other reader than the Isabel 6 cardreader is connected to the computer, disconnect it.
2. Network settings

Check the LAN settings:

  1. Click Start > typ 'Control panel' > Network and Internet > Internet Options > tab Connections
  2. Choose LAN settings > verify if 'Automatically Detect Settings' is disabled.
  3. If 'Use automatic configuration script' is active or if a proxy server is configured in the LAN settings, or if you use a firewall, verify with your IT or system administrator that your proxy and/or firewall are configured correctly.
  4. Click OK to save and close these windows.
  5. Close your browser and try again to login.
3. Trusted Sites

Verify if the websites of Isabel 6 and/or eGovernment websites are available in your list of Trusted Sites.

4. Run Isabel 6 as administrator

Start the login to Isabel 6 with run as administrator.
To do this, right-click on the Isabel 6 login icon from your start menu or desktop and select "Run as Administrator".

If this works, this indicates that your normal windows user rights are not sufficient to run Isabel 6. Please contact your IT support to correct these limitations in the security or policy configurations.


If the issue is not solved after performing all previous steps, contact Isabel Customer Care.

Your device could not establish a secure connection