Error: Your card is not inserted in an authorized Isabel card reader...

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Modified: 21/05/2019



  • Use the Isabel card reader with Isabel 6.

  • Make sure that when other card readers are connected, no Isabel card is inserted in those readers.
  • If required, order an Isabel card reader.

Verify the driver for your card reader.

  • In the Windows Control Panel, open Device Manager. (Open the Device Manager by pressing the keyboard combination . In the Run prompt, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.)
  • Under Smart Card Readers, doubleclick APG8201 Smart Card Reader.
  • Open the Driver tab.
  • Verify the Driver Version number.  
  • The most recent versions provided by the card reader manufacturer are and

If you possess a driver with a different number, either upgrade to the correct version, roll back the driver to a supported version, or uninstall the unsupported driver.

  • Roll Back the driver:
    • Click the button Roll Back Driver
  • If you can not Roll Back the driver, Uninstall the driver:
    • Click the button Uninstall Device
    • Check the box Delete the driver software for this device
    • Click Uninstall
    • When the uninstall is complete, unplug and reconnect the card reader. The previous version is reinstalled. (Installer link when the installation does not start automaticaly)
    • If an incorrect driver is automaticaly reinstalled, you can download and install the correct driver from our website.
    • Please contact your system administrator if you need any help or to prevent the installation of unsupported drivers.
Error: Your card is not inserted in an authorized Isabel card reader...