How to activate my Isabel SmartCard?

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Modified: 23/07/2020

Read the letter that accompanies your Isabel SmartCard or temporary Pin:

1. Click on this link for

2. Click on this link for

3. Click on this link for


More information about the standard activation

Standard activation

After receiving your Isabel SmartCard and after the Installation of the Isabel Security Components, you need to perform a one-time activation before you can start using the card. An Isabel SmartCard must be activated before the card's final activation date. The expiration date is mentioned in the pin letter. Activate your Isabel Smartcard as soon as you received the card and the pin letter.
If your Isabel SmartCard has expired you can order a substitute card on our website.

If you received your card by post, do not forget to send the receipt confirmation together with a copy of your identity card back to the bank. Your SmartCard will be activatable within 2 business days.

Please keep these items on hand:

  • The PIN-code associated with the Isabel SmartCard: You should have received a letter from Isabel containing the PIN-code (= a temporary password) for your card, or you received it on the screen before the activation.
  • The Isabel SmartCard you wish to activate.
Mac: dark mode might cause the card activator to show incorrectly.
  • Temporarily select light mode in System Preferences > General > Appearance.


  1. Go to

  2. Read and accept the Security Advice. Click 'Activation with temporary pin' to proceed

  3. Insert the Isabel SmartCard you wish to activate into your Isabel card reader and enter the PIN (= temporary password) on the keypad of the reader. The PIN can be retrieved from the Isabel PIN-letter you have received, or in the screen before the activation process, with you eID or your old Isabel card. The password consists of 8 numbers.


    • You have only 5 attempts to insert the correct password. Your card will be permanently blocked after 5 incorrect attempts.

  4. Change password:
    • Enter your new password on the keypad of the reader and confirm with the button of the reader. Valid Isabel passwords contain between 6 and 8 digits.
    • Enter the password you selected again and confirm with the button of the reader; just to make sure you didn't make a typing mistake.

  5. Verify card: Check that the Isabel SmartCard displayed on your screen matches the one that is in your Isabel card reader.

    • If this is the case, click the I agree button to continue.
    • If this is not the case, click the Cancel button and call Isabel Customer Care or restart the certification procedure at a later time.

  6. Remove the SmartCard

  7. Finish: You have completed the certification procedure and your Isabel SmartCard is now activated.
    Click Close.

For all issues with the activation, please follow the correct solution on this page.

How to activate my Isabel SmartCard?