What to do if a payment was not executed?

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Modified: 18/02/2020


When you receive your account information, you may notice that the account information concerning a payment that you have recently sent, is not present.


The payment was refused after bank internal checks or accepted but not yet executed.


Verify if the sent transaction has a reason why it is rejected:

  1. Go to Sent transaction
  2. Locate your transaction and open the details
  3. Below the negative confirmation message the reason why it is rejected might be available

In case the reason is unclear or no reason is provided, call your bank of the ordering account, they will inform you about why the payment was not executed. Check the list below for the appropriate telephone number.

Contact Belfius at:
NL: +32 (0)
FR: +32 (0)
Contact KBC at:
KBC: +32 (0)
CBC: 0800.62.460
Contact ING at
NL: +32 (0)2.464.60.01
FR: +32 (0)2.464.60.02
EN: +32 (0)2.464.60.04
Contact BNP Paribas Fortis at:
+32 (0)2.565.28.34
All other banks Contact your bank.
What to do if a payment was not executed?