Block international payments

Document ID: 35498
Modified: 27/08/2020


Isabel offers a module specifically for notaries, that blocks all international payments for all users in the contract. If one of the subscribed users then tries to execute an international payment, the following message will appear:

  • While encoding or uploading:
    •  User is not allowed to transfer money to a non-Belgian account.

Deactivate the module:

If you wish to be able to make international transactions in Isabel again, you need to unsubscribe from the module. For this please complete the following form and let it be signed by a legal representative of the firm. The document can be sent by e-mail or by post as instructed on the top of the form. Once properly received Isabel will deactivate the module. Be advised however, if you initialy subscribed as part of a promotional campaign and you wish to resubscribe, the module will not be free of charge anymore and will be billed at the normal cost of 2 euros per user per month.

Block international payments