How to request and view Intraday or Future info?

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Modified: 25/03/2020

The intraday feature is part of the standard module. When initiating an intraday request, you request all banks in your profile (that support this feature) to send you updated account information. Intraday or future requests will be processed by the banks within 30 minutes after you submitted the initial request.

Every business day you are allowed to send out 6 intraday / future requests, of which up to 4 can be configured as recurring requests. Multiple intraday requests should be spaced out by at least one hour.

Which banks support intraday & future?

Requesting intraday / future information

How can I see whether intraday or future information was updated?

Which banks support intraday & future?

Banks that support intraday:

  • ING
  • Belfius
  • KBC
  • CBC
  • BNP Paribas Fortis

Banks that support future:

  • KBC
  • CBC

Requesting intraday / future information

Recurrent request

You are allowed to schedule 4 recurrent requests for intraday / future information during the day. Depending on your needs you can set these up at a fixed time or at logon. Once scheduled, Isabel will automatically request updated account information from your bank(s).

During the day you are still allowed to use the one-off requests. The amount of one-off requests depends on the setup of the recurrent ones. You can send a total of 6 requests per day.

To schedule your intraday / future requests:

  1. Go to the tab Account Info > click on Recurrent intraday/future in the navigation menu on the left.

  2. In the screen Recurrent intraday/future you will have following options:
    • Never request recurrent intraday/future.
    • During working days at the selected hours (recommended): Isabel will automatically send your request a few minutes before the selected hour (depending on the average processing time of the banks), so the intraday / future information will arrive at approximately the desired time.
    • At logon: a request will be sent when you sign in to Isabel. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 minutes before a request is processed by the bank(s).

One-off request

When using a one-off request, you send a request to your bank(s) for a single update of your account information.

To initiate the request:

  1. Go to the tab Account info > Click on One-off intraday/future in the left navigation menu.
  2. A confirmation message will be shown.

  3. After confirmation, a message at the right bottom of the page will appear, indicating that the request has been sent.

 The above options will not be visible if none of your subscribed banks support this feature.

How can I see whether intraday or future information was updated?

  1. Select the tab Account information.
  2. The columns Date intraday, Balance intraday and Future indicate whether new information is available.
  3. Open the account statements and click the right arrow (►). This arrow will only be active when intraday or future information is available.
    Here you will see:
    • Whether the statement concerns intraday or future information.
    • At which time the bank has created this information.
    • The details of the intraday and future transactions.

    Remark: Some banks send an unstructured message if a statement is not yet available at the moment of your request.
How to request and view Intraday or Future info?