Account information, intraday or CODA missing, incomplete or incorrect

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Modified: 25/03/2020

Your bank does not carry out transactions during weekends or bank holidays.

A bank account is missing
  • A new bank account will only be visible after there was movement on the account.
  • You can always check which accounts have been added via Self Management.
  • Verify if a filter is active in your account info. On the tab Account Info, set the Filter option to "No Filter" to clear any currently active filter. After changing this, verify if your account is present.
  • Refresh the page by clicking on F5.
  • If you have a lot of accounts your account might be on a different page. Navigate to the next page if applicable.
  • Set the Zoom level to 100% by clicking on the wrench icon  (or the menu Tools in Internet Explorer 8) at the right top > Zoom > set this to 100%.
  • If you are still unable to find your account, contact your bank to verify if all mandates are correctly set up.

Did you delete a bank account by mistake? The bank account will automatically reappear when new account information is available.

The account balance or statements are not up to date or incorrect

 When a new account is added to your Isabel 6 subscription, your new bank account will not appear in account info until the first updated account information is available. Your account info will begin from the date that the bank added the account.

You see a global amount for a group of payments, but not the amounts for the indivudual transactions.

You might have selected the Global Debit option when you created the payment. If the Global Debit option for the payment was active you can request more information about your payment by contacting your bank.

Account statements or transactions are missing.

Your bank did not send this information yet. Contact your bank.

The account balance, the content of an account statement or a transaction is incorrect.

This information has been sent by your bank. Contact your bank to verify and correct.

You did not yet receive your intraday or future information.

To receive intraday or future information, you have to request one-off / recurrent intraday information.

  • If you've already sent this request,  refresh the account information using the refresh icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Contact the concerned bank if you still can't see your Intraday- or Future account information.
CODA files are missing or the file content is incorrect
  • Verify if you have not already downloaded the CODA/MT9xx. Go to Tab Account information > Download of reporting files. Verify if the format filter is set to ALL. If your files are not present, (un)check the option Not yet downloaded and verify again.
  • Contact your bank when :
    • The CODA file is still not present.
    • The file content is incomplete or incorrect.
Account information, intraday or CODA missing, incomplete or incorrect