Questions related to the PIN letter

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Modified: 19/03/2020


A PIN envelope has to be resent and you want to modify the contact person or change the delivery address.


If you want to change the delivery address or the name of the person who receives the PIN envelope, please contact your bank or the Isabel Customer Care.

You have not received your PIN mailing yet or the envelope containing the PIN code has been opened, damaged, stolen or lost.


  1. If you did not receive your PIN code by regular mail withing a few days after your request, please contact Isabel Customer Care, so they can verify the status and tell you where your PIN letter is.

  2. If you did receive your PIN code but the envelope* has been opened, damaged, stolen or lost before the activation of your Isabel SmartCard, contact Customer Care to have a new PIN code sent to you.

    (*) If the envelope was stolen or lost after the activation of your Isabel SmartCard, you should not worry. Your newly chosen password cannot be conducted from the PIN-code (the temporary password) on the letter included in the PIN envelope.
Questions related to the PIN letter