Isabel Go, the Isabel button in your accounting package


The 3 main advantages of Isabel Go

  1. Processing payments and account information becomes a lot simpler. This means that there is no need to navigate back and forth between Isabel 6 and your accounting package. A single mouse-click on the Isabel Go button makes this particular chore obsolete!
  2. Thanks to the structured processing, there is far less chance to make mistakes.
  3. Time spent re-entering data is time wasted. So Isabel Go means a huge gain of time for you and your colleagues.

To sum up, Isabel Go not only offers you greater convenience and efficiency, but also frees up time for you to check your invoices more closely or monitor payments more quickly. 

E-book "Smart accounting"

Accounting packages with Isabel Go

More than 25 of the most common accounting packages have the Isabel Go function, which is often part of the banking module.A button in your trusted environment allows you to connect to Isabel 6 directly and securely without having to log in separately.

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