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Overview of the previous editions

Isabel Expert March 2016

  • Your account information always up to date in Isabel 6
  • Your reports ready when you arrive at work
  • How to cancel or modify a payment already sent?
  • New employee, new card
  • Learn Isabel 6 hands on

Isabel Connect February 2016

  • Better teamwork with Isabel 6

December 2015

  • Isabel Group bids you welcome
  • Increase the safety of your transactions
  • Better overview: show totals in your Account Info
  • There is much more in Isabel 6
  • Isabel Group partners with Solvay Brussels School

September 2015

  • Lots of new features in the Isabel 6 autumn edition
  • Get more out of Isabel and save time with an Isabel training course
  • Have all of your accounts to hand all of the time with the Isabel app
  • Looking for your Isabel invoice?

June 2015

  • More than 500 customers to test Isabel Multibanking app soon
  • 3 measures for your company to outwit hackers
  • Up to 6 updates per day of your account information? Yes, we can!
  • Holidays: Make good Isabel arrangements and then enjoy
  • Windows 10
  • Access to Isabel denied?
  • To be ticked in your agenda

May 2015

  • New features in Isabel 6 as from 10th May
  • New bank joins Isabel 6: Caisse d’Epargne Nord France Europe
  • Isabel tip from Leslie De Wit, accountant at Studio 100
  • Ongoing improvements thanks to your score
  • Does your card reader beep? Always check why

March 2015

  • Welcome to the spring edition of Isabel 6: it’s overflowing with new features
  • New Isabel customer takes the smart approach
  • How to close Isabel 6 safely?
  • B-Aparthotels saves up to 7 hours a week
  • Would you recommend Isabel to colleagues or to business partners?
  • Tip from the Isabel Service Desk


September 2014

  • Isabel Academy: the half-day course that pays dividends
  • The new screens are coming
  • "Isabel goes mobile" survey
  • Isabel tip: how to take a quick look at your account details?
  • Fraudsters are becoming increasingly creative
  • Follow Isabel now on Twitter


June 2014

  • Isabel training sessions this autumn: registerr early!
  • 'Isabel goes mobile' survey. Submit your ideas and win a smartphone
  • 850 Isabel users try out the new Isabel 6 screens
  • Would you recommend Isabel? Your voice counts, every month
  • Isabel Go: the Isabel button built into your accounting package
  • Have a great holiday!


May 2014

  • New screens for Isabel 6: be the first to use them!
  • Your payment details displayed better
  • Isabel: key player for the Belgian Football Association and the Red Devils
  • Searching for transactions by account number or amount


February 2014

  • "Thanks to Isabel we control all European payments"
  • Tip: share the work and keep control
  • Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11: now supported by Isabel 6
  • Account information now available for 2 years
  • Old wizards in Isabel 6 will disappear on 23th March 2014
  • Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP as from 8th April 2014
  • Spring edition of Isabel 6 at end of March: new features on the way


November 2013

  • A week’s work done in one day
  • Isabel is ready for SEPA. Are you?
  • New, improved online help! Easy searches by category
  • Support for Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 by the end of 2013
  • Latvia joins the eurozone on 1st January 2014
  • New card reader rolled out successfully with your assistance
  • Approve payments quickly and securely with multiple signatories
  • Visit the Isabel stand at Forum for the Future (5/12)


September 2013

  • Back to school sessions. Exclusive training
  • New reader compulsory as from 1st November 2013
  • Tip: find accounts quickly with the help of aliases
  • Make sure you still have an Isabel connection after 9th October 2013
  • What's new in the autumn edition of Isabel 6?
  • SEPA direct debits. Will you be ready for them on 1st February 2014?


June 2013

  • Order your card readers now
  • Make sure that your payment flow doesn't stop! SEPA becomes mandatory on 1/02/2014
  • Tip: your reports can be ready for you when you arrive at work
  • Upgraded helpdesk: to provide a better service
  • Mini-survey about cheques
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Have a good holiday!


April 2013

  • Exclusive training sessions in your region in May and June. Register now!
  • More features in the spring edition of Isabel 6
  • How do you cancel or modify a payment that has already been sent?
  • Freeing up time to advise clients
  • Say goodby to re-entering payment files
  • Security, a matter of concern also for you
  • New Zoomit screens in Isabel 6


February 2013

  • Isabel News: stay up-to-date
  • If you are happy, so are we. And we continue to work on it
  • Portrait or landscape: the choice is yours
  • Work better together thanks to Isabel
  • BMW Financials: approved payments processed automatically
  • Choose a strong PIN code that you can remember
  • SEPA mandatory from 1st February 2014
  • Phishing: stay vigilant

December 2012

  • New reader coming: even more secure and easy to use
  • How to search for account information?
  • Process large quantities of transactions quickly and securely
  • Reports in landscape format: your opinion
  • Support for Internet Explorer 7 ending in April 2013
  • Luc Neysens, new CEO of Isabel NV/S.A.
  • Merry Christmas and amazing 2013!

November 2012

  • Reusable group of payments
  • Landscape reports
  • Finding bank accounts quickly with aliases
  • Had enough of retyping?
  • Payment follow-up has become much more efficient
  • 5 tips for secure Internet banking with Isabel 6

November 2012 - special edition new version 2.5 online

  • Isabel 6 autumn edition now online

October 2012

  • 4 new features in autumn edition of Isabel 6
  • Entering a payment? Use Payment
  • Our customers have their say
  • Had enough of retyping?
  • Help in a click
  • 13 months' account information online

September 2012

  • Soon even more features in Isabel 6
  • How to make the details on an account statement invisible?
  • More banks, but fewer administrative hoops to jump through
  • Back to school: Isabel training
  • Treasurer day
  • Invitation to HR seminar: move to electronic payslips thanks to Zoomit


June 2012

  • Don't give cybercrims a chance
  • Emergency financial aid from UNICEF gets there faster with Isabel 6
  • Reports the way you want them
  • Which payment wizard should I choose
  • I get an error message when I upload files. What should I do?
  • New to Isabel 6 at the end of September
  • Isabel 5 bids a final farewell on 31st July


May 2012

  • Don't give cybercrims a chance


April 2012

  • Secure online banking with Isabel 6
  • One number for all your questions about Isabel 6
  • Isabel 6 version 2.4 made even better by your input
  • Save paper with condensed view
  • Isabel Go: the Isabel button in your accounting package
  • Working with multiple banks: the benefits

March 2012

  • Making groups of payments
  • Where's my invoice from Isabel?
  • Online help: 24/7
  • Automated payment flow at Veolia Transport
  • Keep your password secret
  • Win a company makeover for your SME
  • Isabel Survey Winners announced

February 2012

  • Isabel 6: a new spring edition full of advantages!
  • 1st February 2014: a single market for European payments
  • Isabel Corporate Synchroniser: the automatic solution for large volumes
  • BKCP: new bank in Isabel 6
  • Win a complete company makeover
  • The security of your electronic transactions also depends on you!

January 2012

  • Reports ready and waiting as soon as you arrive at work
  • Print a concise version of your reports
  • Isabel 6 even easier to use from the end of February
  • Faster cross-border transfers within the European Union
  • A new employee means a new card
  • Problem solved when converting beneficiaries from Isabel 5 to Isabel 6

December 2011

  • Where can I find my Isabel invoice?
  • Don't wait for reports anymore!
  • Secure internet banking with Isabel 6
  • Season's Greetings and successful 2012!

November 2011

  • Isabel Go, the Isabel button that is incorporated within your accountancy programme
  • Discover Isabel 6 a t your own pace. Take a look at the demos.
  • Are you ready for SEPA?
  • Reminder: Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported

October 2011

  • Closely monitor transactions on your bank accounts
  • Isabel Offline Reporting: extended search and reporting in Isabel 6
  • Are you ready for SEPA?
  • Reminder: Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported

September 2011

  • Have you already heard of Isabel Offline Reporting?
  • Internet Explorer 6 no longer supported
  • How to hide the details of uploaded salary payments?
  • Back to school: Isabel 6 training courses

August 2011

  • Discover Isabel Offline Reporting free of charge now !

July 2011

  • New version, new possibilities
  • Question of the month: background reporting
  • Quick print button
  • How do you want to see Isabel 6 when it is launched?
  • Give a tip to a colleague

June 2011

  • Isabel 6 version 2.3 summer edition is now on line!
  • Background reporting while you continue to work
  • Signing up to 100 payments in a single go
  • Account info tab: more transactions displayed
  • Account info tab: additional filter

May 2011

  • What is MultiSign and what can I do with it?
  • Page cannot be displayed. Install your certificate.
  • Your monthly Isabel NV/S.A. invoice via Zoomit in Isabel 6

April 2011

  • New phone numbers: direct operator response
  • Online Support: 24/7
  • New Isabel 6 data center: your experiences
  • e-Payments Study Day 24 May

March 2011

  • Print less using condensed view
  • New Isabel 6 data center
  • Internet Explorer 9 not yet supported
  • Archive of Isabel 6 Tips & Tricks

February 2011

  • Cloning a transaction can be very useful
  • Are some banks missing in your Isabel 6 software?
  • Tip for PDF reports
  • Archive of Isabel 6 Tips & Tricks

January 2011

  • How to filter your Sent Transactions?
  • Distorted login screen. What to do?
  • Go on a Isabel training course

December 2010

  • New version 2.2 of Isabel 6 now online
  • Reminder: Isabel 6 too slow? Check your Internet Explorer settings

November 2010

  • Intraday account info for real-time reporting in Isabel 6
  • Isabel 6 too slow? Check your Internet Explorer settings
  • 10.000th user welcomed
  • Estonia will be joining the Eurozone in 2011

October 2010

  • Closing Isabel 6 incorrectly can have consequences
  • Isabel 6 compatible with Windows 7
  • Get an Isabel Training

September 2010

  • How to use direct debits in Isabel 6?
  • Reminder: no more expired Isabel certificates ever again!
  • A wise Isabel user is an alert Isabel user

August 2010

  • Find accounts quickly with the help of aliases
  • No more expired Isabel certificates ever again
  • Isabel 6 user panel. Let your voice be heard

July 2010

  • Do not use the Back button of your Internet Explorer in Isabel 6
  • Make Isabel 6 faster
  • Getting help in Isabel 6

June 2010

  • Improved printing in Isabel 6
  • New version Security Components ensures automatic installation and renewal of your certificates
  • Isabel 6 user panel: let your voice be heard

May 2010

  • Make Isabel 6 faster
  • What is MultiSign and what can I do with it?
  • Go on a Isabel 6 training course
  • Your Isabel 6 invoice via Zoomit in Isabel 6

April 2010

  • How do you activate extra functions in Isabel 6?
  • Start the accounting package with the Isabel Go button to eliminate superfluous administrative work
  • Isabel 6 manuals
  • Your Isabel 6 invoice via Zooimt in Isabel 6
  • The security of your electronic transactions also depends on you!

March 2010

  • Uploading large files: no more waiting around
  • Work together on payments, from your own PC

February 2010

  • The first digital invoice from Isabel S.A. in Isabel 6
  • How can I check the status of a payment in Isabel 6
  • Go on a training course

December 2009

  • Isabel 6 is now ready for Windows 7
  • How do you close Isabel 6 safely?
  • Make Isabel 6 faster

November 2009

  • Isabel 6 paid for from 1 January 2010
  • Windows 7
  • Extra information when selecting transactions

October 2009

  • Isabel 6 has been launched: it's a a fact!

July 2009

  • How can I filter my account information?
  • Converting account numbers from BBAN to IBAN format

June 2009

  • Isabel Go: the Isabel button into your accounting package
  • Wat happens to my monthly invoice from Isabel S.A. ?

May 2009

  • Isabel 6 and your proxy server: a tip for working faster
  • How to close Isabel 6 properly?

April 2009 (edition 2)

  • Uploading large files: no more waiting around
  • Need help about Isabel 6?

April 2009 (edition 1)

  • Isabel 6 based on your preference
  • Getting help in Isabel 6