What is new in 6.32.0011?


(*)Please read the following information carefully:

With the latest version of the Security Components Isabel 6 will start from your default browser. If your default browser is not Internet Explorer you may encounter some restrictions. In case you need specific Isabel 6 functions that are not (yet) supported in all browsers, you can switch to Internet Explorer.


  • Upload and download functions will behave a bit differently in another browser than in Internet Explorer.

  • Other websites that make use of the Isabel Certificate (eGov, NBB, proprietary bank modules) might still require Internet Explorer.

  • Formal support is provided for Edge, Firefox (as from version 58), Chrome and Internet Explorer, although Isabel 6 may work in other browsers.

  • Citrix users should continue to use version 6.31.0011.

Do you have questions or need help?

Contact Isabel Customer Care on +32 (0)2 404 03 37 or via isabel.eu/contact Our Customer Care employees are available each working day between 8:00 and 18:00 and will be happy to help!