Secure Internet Banking with Isabel 6

Isabel Group actively supports security initiatives

Isabel Group supports the initiatives of Febelfin (the Belgian umbrella federation for the finance sector) for secure Internet banking. Isabel Group is one of the driving forces behind the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Platform that is being rolled out amongst the banks in Belgium in the fight against cybercrime. The platform based on Isabel Insighter enables banks to share information quickly and efficiently with one another about possible cybersecurity threats. 

Security in the Isabel 6 application

Security components

The Isabel Security Components installed on your PC are the cornerstone for keeping your Isabel 6 transactions safe and secure.

SmartCard Isabel

Your Isabel SmartCard provides totally secure access not only to Isabel 6, but also to some Belgian government applications.

Isabel certificate

The watertight rules of the Isabel certificate guarantee you absolute security. Today, Isabel Group is the largest business certification authority in Belgium.

Things to watch out for

Financial malware

Financial malware can make a fraudster take full control over your computer without you noticing it. He can create fraudulent transactions and tricks you into signing them. This means it's very important for you to make sure your computer will not get infected with this malware.

Suspicious screens

Should malware somehow become installed on the same PC where Isabel 6 is installed, then it is very important for you to be able to recognise suspicious screens and raise the alarm.

Social engineering

Payment traffic is constantly becoming better protected, which means that fraudsters have to become more creative. As a result, criminals are not trying to hack into computers as much, but instead aim to abuse the trust of employees in companies.

If you notice that your computer has been contaminated or hacked into

Isabel Smartcard lost or stolen?