Realtime exchange rates

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Modified: 04/10/2021

These banks provide real time exchange rate information in Isabel 6:

  • iBanFirst
  • Western Union Business Solutions


An indicative exchange rate is automatically proposed when the transaction currency is different from the currency of the selected ordering account and the amount is entered.

Your bank provides real-time exchange rates

The bank shows the applicable exchange rate and the time of request.

If available; click on Find best rates to compare with other exchange rate offers.

Select Continue to keep the current rate or Add another service.

Click on Close to go back to your payment.

Your bank does not provide real-time exchange rates

If available, click on Find best rates to compare available exchange rate offers.

Click on Add Service if you want to add a bank to your subscription.

Click on Close to go back to your payment.

After saving the payment, and as long as the payment is not signed, the most recent exchange rate will be shown

  • when viewing the transaction details
  • upon signing the payment

As the exchange rates are realtime, variations in the exchange rate might occur.

When sufficiently signed, the payment will be sent to the bank immediately.

The sent transaction detail shows the exchange rate applied during the trade.


Western Union: Validity of the exchange rate

The rates shown by Western Union have a validity period which you can see in the rate info.


To be sure to obtain the rate shown in the indicated field, your transaction should be successfully signed within the proposed timeframe.
Before the transaction is signed, the rate is displayed on the sign exchange rate pop-up.

Once the payment has been successfully signed, a lock-in message is sent to the bank to guarantee the exchange rate on this payment.
The rate will be visible in the details of the sent transaction.

Bank messages

If no quote can be retrieved from the bank, you will be informed about the reason:

  • Unable to retrieve the exchange rate. The currency pair is not supported.
    • This bank does not offer an exchange service for the requested currency pair.
  • Unable to retrieve the exchange rate. The minimum counter-value has not been reached.
    • The amount of the payment is too low to propose you an quote.
  • Unable to retrieve the exchange rate. The market is currently closed.
    • Outside the exchange market's business hours it is not possible to get a quote from this bank.
  • Unable to retrieve the exchange rate. The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
    • Due to a technical problem, it is not possible to request a quote at this moment.
  • Unable to retrieve live exchange rates for this trade.
    • Contact the bank for more information.
Realtime exchange rates