How to change the password or PIN of my Isabel SmartCard?

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Modified: 26/02/2020


Please be reminded:

  • You new PIN must be 6 to 8 digits long.
  • Your Isabel Smart Card will be blocked after 5 consecutive wrong attempts.
  • Never write down your PIN!
  • Your Isabel Smart Card is personal and your responsibility. Do not share your PIN with others!


  1. Open the Isabel 6 Control Panel via Start > (All) Programs > Isabel Services > Isabel 6 Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Change password icon.

  3. Insert your Isabel SmartCard into the Isabel card reader.
  4. You will be required to enter your current PIN using the numeric keys on the Isabel card reader.
  5. Once your PIN is correct, the card reader's display will tell you to enter your New PIN. Next it will request to confirm your new PIN.
    • In case both PINs (New PIN and Confirm PIN) match, the message PIN changed! will be displayed.
    • In case both PINs (New PIN and Confirm PIN) do not match, you will be prompted to retry.
    • To cancel changing your PIN, press the CANCEL button on the Isabel card reader.
How to change the password or PIN of my Isabel SmartCard?