Card reader with numeric keypad: work safely and easily.

Cybercriminals are more active than ever. For that reason security in Isabel 6 is and remains a top priority. Your Isabel smart card and Isabel card reader are the cornerstone of your security.

Use and function.

The Isabel card reader with numeric keypad is safer

  • PCs of corporate users are more and more often targeted by cybercriminals.  Research reveals corporate computers are often infected with viruses and other malicious software. Using malware such as keyloggers, cybercriminals are able to intercept keystrokes on your keyboard. Therefore, typing a card's pin code on your computer's keyboard is considered unsafe, and shouldn't be done under any circumstance.
  • The Isabel card reader has a numeric keypad where you enter your PIN directly. The PIN is never on the PC and can not be intercepted.

The Isabel card reader with numeric keypad is easier

  • Due to the embedded numeric keypad you can keep your Isabel smart card in the card reader as long as you are working with Isabel. Only after closing your Isabel session, or when leaving your workstation, it is recommended to remove and safely store your Isabel smart card.
  • The Isabel card reader is much easier in use compared to the classic internet banking card readers. Because the Isabel card reader is directly connected to your PC with an USB connection, you don't have to enter subscription numbers, type long number combinations or retype answers on your PC. One PIN of your own choice is sufficient to log in and to sign payments.
  • Isabel provides access to all your banks with a single PIN, and one card.

Mandatory use of the Isabel card reader with numeric keypad

  • Use of the Isabel card reader with numeric keypad is mandatory. You will not be granted access to Isabel 6 with an other external or embedded smart card reader. Older types of Isabel card readers can still be used to read your eID.
  • The Isabel card reader with numeric keypad has been specifically designed to maximize security when using Isabel 6. The Isabel card reader will not work with most other bank cards.
  • You can connect multiple types of card readers simultaneously to you PC.

Using the Isabel card reader with numeric keypad

  • Your PIN can only contain numbers. You can choose your own PIN. A PIN has at least 6 and maximum 8 digits.
  • Isabel 6 screens contain images of the Isabel card reader. Press the green button on the Isabel card reader after entering your PIN. "PIN OK!" or "Wrong PIN" will appear on the card reader display.


Installing the Isabel card reader

  1. Install the Isabel Security Components
  2. Plug the Isabel Card Reader


What in case of problems?

If you don't find your answer, contact Isabel Customer Care on business days from 8:00 to 18:00.