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Paying is teamwork

Eva - Administrative Officer
“I do a lot of preparatory and followup work. For example, I create quotes and invoices, I check whether suppliers are rightly  or wrongly complaining about a payment, and I use a list of bad payers to see whether I can create a new quote for this customer or whether I should send the customer a reminder. It's incredibly handy.”

Tom - Accountant
“I enter all purchase invoices in our accounting system. The process is very efficient thanks to Eva´s preparatory work. I verify  the suggested payments based on the due dates and I forward them toIsabel grouped as payment files. Very smoothly and efficiently…”

Jean-Pierre - Financial Director
“I sign the payments Tom has prepared in confidence, even when I´m not in the office. That´s what I call efficient collaboration: it gives me more time to concentrate on my core tasks. ”

Kathleen - Director
“I don´t have a lot of time for finance, but I keep a perfect overview anytime, anywhere. As a result, I can spend my time
visiting customers and expanding my company further.”

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