How to delete an (expired) certificate?

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Modified: 07/02/2019


The steps below will describe how to remove your Isabel certificate. If you accidentally removed the wrong Isabel certificate you can reinstall the Isabel certificate.

  1. Click Start > typ 'Control panel' > Network and Internet > Internet options > tab Content > Certificates

  2. On the Personal tab verify which certificates are present. If the list with certificates is the same as the one displayed during the authentication, select the one that is no longer valid and delete the certificate by clicking on the Remove button.



If the list of certificates is different or if the problem persists:

  1. Start the module Certificate store by pressing . In the Run prompt, type certmgr.msc en press Enter.
  2. In the left part select Certificates - Current User > Personal > Certificates

  3. Once selected your personal certificates will be displayed on the right side. Right-click on the certificate you wish to remove and select Remove.
  4. A confirmation message will be displayed to confirm the removal.
How to delete an (expired) certificate?