Isabel Group makes the way to PSD2 shorter, smoother and safer for you

Add TPPs quick and easily
Screening, efficient onboarding and testing by Isabel Group
A clear overview with all TPPs at one central point
Compliant with the PSD2 regulation
Transfer of knowhow from our specialists
Heightened security and protection against regulatory difficulties

API HUB consists of 3 different levels


Firstly, Isabel Group ensures that the banks meet the PSD2 regulation. Our experts analyse the impact for your bank and monitor the many developments in the field so that the banks can focus on their core business. The TPP’s will benefit from a standardized integration interface which is conform to PSD2.


The second level enables the banks to expand certain features as they wish or to add services to the platform provided. We are talking here about more granular acceptation criteria for transactions inherent to the bank. The TPPs would get an extended user interface for example. But there is much more.


The third level is rather focusing on the roll out of specific API features within the API HUB platform going further than the pure compliancy to PSD2 regulations. It plays a role as enabler for open banking. In that context, banks and TPP could rely on extended fraud detection services or dispute management. Also services around data and BI could be made available.


The new regulation on PSD2 is bound to have a great impact on the banking landscape. With our long-standing experience and expertise in the financial sector, we at Isabel Group are convinced that we can support the banks and all parties involved in this rapidly changing and fragmented market.


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