Certificate policy

The security rules relating to your Isabel Secure Signing Card are set out clearly in the Isabel Certificate Policy. The Policy is a set of strict rules for the supply and use of your card. For example, all users are always required to present their identity card and be authenticated in person.

The watertight rules applied to your Isabel certificate guarantee you absolute security. Which is why Isabel is the biggest business certification authority in Belgium. Those rules are formalised in policy documents:

Policy document

The Certificate Policy (CP) states mainly which the basic obligations are of the CA and the other parties involved in the Isabel PKI practice.

Certificate Policy

An Isabel Certificate is a certificate issued by an Isabel Certification Authority (CA) in accordance with this CP-CPS.

Only one Certification Authority is permitted to issue Isabel Certificates: this is the Isabel CA with Distinguished Name : DN : C=Be; L=Isabel; O=Ca; CN = Isabel Certification Authority.

See the Thumbprint of the Public Key of the Isabel CA.

The Isabel Certification Authority may only accept Isabel Certificate Requests for persons or functions whose identity has been authenticated by an Isabel Registration Authority (RA). View the list of authorized RAs.