Secure Internet Banking with Isabel 6

Secure Internet Banking with Isabel 6

Isabel 6 is probably the safest way to handle your banking transactions on the Internet. The security of your transactions is one of our highest priorities. The great digitization of society leads to a displacement of crime to the virtual world. Cybercrimes take new forms and require a constant vigilance. The attacks are primarily geared towards the PC of the user. Fraud can appear when malware (malicious software) infects one or more PCs insufficiently protected.

The security of your financial transactions is based on an efficient partition of the roles and responsibilities between you as user, Isabel and your banks. Isabel insists that it is your sole responsibility to ensure the security of your computer, your entire computer environment and your internal processes regarding your financial transactions.

Remain Vigilant and follow minimum security requirements:

1. Your PC

  • Make sure your PC is healthy with an updated version of your virus scanner, Internet Explorer and Windows.

2. Isabel card and Pin code

  • Your Isabel card is a personal bank card. Do not share it with colleagues.
  • Never write your PIN code on your card. Learn it by heart never disclose it to colleagues.
  • Always quit Isabel 6 by pressing the logout button and then close your browser
  • Keep your Isabel card in a safe place like your wallet.
  • Please block your Isabel card immediately in case of loss or theft

3. Signing transactions

  • Check the amount and the beneficiary account before signing a payment.
  • Only enter your PIN once you have checked the contents of the signing window and agreed with it.
  • Does your card reader beep and suddenly ask you to enter your PIN? Always check thoroughly why. If no signing window with extra information appears on your Isabel 6 screen, don’t sign!
  • Have two different people sign payments. Two pairs of eyes are better than one!

4. Vigilance

  • Regularly check your transactions in your account.
  • Never answer an impromptu request inviting you to communicate your Isabel PIN code by request of a suspicious screen, an e-mail, an unknown website or by phone. Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative.
  • Never answer requests to give your PIN by e-mail or telephone.
  • Never react to requests to deviate from your usual working methods like executing test transactions or not using the usual approval processes.
  • If you see anything suspicious, alert immediately the Isabel helpdesk.


Isabel Security Components

The use of the latest version of the Isabel Security Components is mandatory. Users are informed of a new version of the Isabel Security Components is available when logging to Isabel 6. Download and install it immediately because the access to Isabel 6 will be impossible with the old security components once the transition period is over.

More information on Security Components.

Phishing: remain vigilant

What is phishing?

False e-mails, dummy websites or bogus phone calls are often used by hackers and cybercriminals to get their hands on your personal data and to initiate fraudulent transactions. This practice is called phishing, and clearly evokes that of fishing: “fishing for personal data”.

How can you protect yourself from it?

  • Never react to e-mails or phone calls asking for your pin code, to install software or to execute tests. Isabel Group or you bank will NEVER ask that.
  • Always check that addresses in your browser start with https://. Secure addresses can be recognized by the ‘s’ in https.


Victim of phishing?

  • Immediately call the Isabel 6 Helpdesk on +32 (0) 2 404 03 37 (Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm).
  • Send the suspect e-mail that you have received to Isabel Group, There will be no reply to that e-mail.


Isabel Group supports security initiatives

Isabel Group supports the initiatives of Febelfin (the Belgian umbrella federation for the finance sector) for secure Internet banking.

Isabel obtains Cybertrust Certification

Isabel Group manages its security system and its production environment on the advice and audit of an American specialist that provides it with a series of services in order to ensure pragmatic risk management.

Verizon Cybertrust Security Certified Logo;Some 700 other organisations in the world ensure their security systems and their businesses according to Cybertrust's guidelines.

Isabel Group has recently adopted this system in order to protect its production environment from the outside world and to avoid viruses, web hacking, physical intrusion, human failures, hardware crashes or service interruptions.

It has furthermore obtained Cybertrust's certification.

This seal of approval shows that Isabel Group has prioritised its security and that it uses security processes and technologies that are continuously renewed.

For further details about Cybertrust, visit