Self-employed and professionals

Let’s not beat about the bush: for people who are self-employed, having to deal with money matters, paying and collecting invoices and general administrative contacts with government departments does nothing but disrupt their real work.

Using Isabel 6 not only enables you to handle all these areas electronically, but you can also incorporate them all into your accounting package. And when you do that, there’s no need to keep entering the same details time and again. The result is you have much more time for what is really important.

Isabel is also attractive from a financial point of view. For a start, there’s no additional investment required, because Isabel 6 is a web-based application. Then there are the benefits of its modular structure. All of which means Isabel 6 fits in perfectly with the scale of your business as well as your budget. Because you only pay for what you actually use.

De Jonghe Pharmacy

dejonghe-small Hilde Torfs, Pharmacist: "All we actually have to do is enter our incoming invoices into our bookkeeping program. We use BOB accounting software for that. When we enter an invoice, BOB generates a payment proposal, which also shows all payments pending. We then have the choice to put payments ?on hold? or to change them. We use this option for example if there is still an unsettled credit note outstanding from a supplier, or if we only want to pay some accounts at a later date. BOB then sends the list of approved payments over the Isabel network to the bank. When the payment goes out, our bank ledger is automatically updated. Invoices can also be finished off without any more work being required. Which means we save a lot of time, because in fact there's only one action we need to take to set the entire payment process in motion."

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