Why choose to work at Isabel?


Isabel is a medium-sized company, which means you will come into contact with virtually everyone else who works here. You will often find yourself working with other departments, as well as on a whole range of different topics and assignments. All this makes working at Isabel both varied and exciting.

"I have can work in different areas and with different people on a whole range of different projects. And because we develop highly innovative products, this makes my job very interesting."


Isabel is a leading service-provider in the fields of electronic banking and electronic invoicing. More than 25 banks, tens of thousands of businesses and millions of consumers in Europe use Isabel solutions. In the financial market, Isabel undoubtedly represents sound value and is premised a fine future.

"I chose to work for a company that has already proved itself and is continuing to invest conscientiously."


If you choose to work at Isabel, you can be sure it’s a pleasant place to work. We also organise all sorts of company-related activities so that you can get to know your workmates outside business hours.
From time to time we like to give our staff some little extras: like chocolates for special occasions, ex-cathedra activities, Danish pastries at the end of the month, and so on and so forth.

"Isabel is a person’s first name, not just an impersonal business name. That illustrates the ambience that reigns in our company. Contacts between the various members of staff, regardless of their position, are always courteous, respectful, professional and relaxed."


Isabel gives its employees real responsibility. Because we trust the qualities and skills of our staff, we give them the room they need to do their job.

"We work in a multidisciplinary team where everyone has an important role to play and is given an opportunity to develop and build. The seasoned experts in the company are always happy to assist the younger employees.  Everyone can attend courses to increase their knowledge and skills. Suggestions, ideas and other comments are always welcome to help improve our products and services, as well as to enhance the way the various departments work together. We are not just a number in a faceless company.
We all work together, like one big family."



In an on-going climate of change and competition, Isabel provides its staff with all the support they need to keep up-to-date in their jobs.



Working at Isabel means working in a high-tech company. We develop web applications in Java using the SaaS model, control our own PKI infrastructure and own data centres throughout Europe. Every year, we process more than 300 million financial transactions, serving hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of consumers.

"At Isabel, cutting-edge technology and exciting innovations are genuine keywords. We have always been, still are and will continue to be pioneers in a whole range of areas: electronic banking, eInvoicing, secure access to applications such as Intervat, Dimona and so on. We develop sophisticated solutions designed to make life easier for people who work in finance, as well as for ordinary individuals."


Isabel offers a competitive remuneration package. You’ll receive a salary based on your experience and position. And when you work for Isabel, you will also benefit from group and hospital insurance cover, as well as full reimbursement of your travel costs and meal vouchers. We work with a bonus system in which people are rewarded for their performance.

Flexible working hours
Isabel offers its people the opportunity to work on flexi-time. You can start your working day at any time between 6.30 and 9.30 am at your convenience.

Holidays and Leave
Finally, Isabel operates a favourable holiday and leave system. In addition to 20 legal days of leave every year, Isabel also gives you a further 6 days’ leave in lieu, plus 4 extra “Isabel” days off.


Isabel is easy to reach by public transport. We are handily located in the centre of Brussels, opposite “Brussels Central” station. That makes us easy to commute by train, bus and metro.