What our customers say about us

“As soon as you have a structure with different banks and not everyone has the same authorisation, Isabel 6 is the best choice. The alternatives are all so much more laborious. Isabel is efficient banking.”

Steven Verrept


“Six colleagues use Isabel 6 and consult the bank accounts, sort them and filters them as he wants it. A huge advantage when you manage more than 50 accounts with four different banks.”

Luc Dendooven



“Thanks to Isabel 6, the signers don’t have to come to the office just to approve urgent transactions. The money can be transferred more quickly, which allows us to provide help for victims faster to people that need it urgently.”

Hugo Seghers



“We process a lot of payments daily in our hospital group. So smart accounting is indispensable. The interaction between Isabel 6 and EASI Financials addresses our needs perfectly, so we can concentrate on really important things.”

Eveline Duponthieu



“Whereas we used to spend half a day every month to enter paper statements of account manually, this task now takes a few minutes per day. I can do it rapidly whilst being connected on the phone, for instance.”

Koen Lapauw, Manager


“Without Isabel 6 and the CODA inputting, perhaps five people would have to do my job. As far as I am concerned, it is unthinkable to have to work in some other, less efficient way.”

Davy Peirsman


“We work with different banks and we manage a group of 7 companies. To keep a global overview on our finances asked so much work. Therefore, we adopted Isabel. Then, we avoided to have to install a software specific by bank, which would have obliged us every time to open another program. With Isabel, we obtain a general idea in the twinkling of an eye. It is crucial to have a very good treasury, but also to follow it by near and quickly.”

Peter Oorts, CFO


“What I like so much about Isabel 6? The connection with our accounting system and the intraday messages. Thanks to these notifications – several times a day – I am always up to date of the payments on the accounts. In fact, several of our foreign departments also work with Isabel, e.g. those in Germany and Hong Kong. This allows us to work together efficiently and in a user-friendly way.”

Leslie De Wit