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Isabel 6 boosts your efficiency

As a finance professional, you are looking for greater efficiency and an overview of your business.  Isabel 6 is just what you need. All your transaction flows are carried out under a flexible and structured process, with an overview at all times, even if you work with several banks (multi-banking).

An overview of all your banks at all times

When you work with several banks, getting a complete overview can be complicated at times. Different logins and passwords do not make things any simpler either. With Isabel 6, you have a multi-banking solution that gives you access to your accounts in all your banks at a single click. This complete overview of all your transactions helps you save valuable time and makes monitoring easier.

Easy integration with your accounting software

Isabel 6 is easy to integrate with your accounting software. Automation enables you to work faster whilst limiting the risk of error.

The necessary tools available to each member of the team

Several users can be included in the same subscription. You define which information is visible for -- and which actions can be carried out by -- each user. In this way, you ensure a certain continuity and boost your efficiency.  If a colleague is absent, another one can easily take over his or her tasks.

Flexible, like your company

Keen to sign your transaction whenever and from wherever you want? Isabel 6 enables you to arrange all that from a distance. You get a notification e-mail when you your signature is needed, so you can confirm your transactions, even when you are on the road.

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Want to know more about multibanking in Isabel 6?

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- Take out an Isabel subscription before 31 July 2017, and get a 50% reduction for 3 months and free training worth €250.

- The 50% reduction applies during the first three months of your subscription, but only on the services, not on hardware, such as card readers, for instance.

-The training must be reserved before 31 August 2017 and must be imparted between 1 August and 30 September 2017. If schedule uncertainties so require, it could obviously be rearranged within the period considered.  It is also possible to plan a longer session. Each hour commenced will be invoiced at the rate of €75.