Online e-banking for companies

Basic modules

For the use of Isabel 6, you can choose between 2 basic modules. Each subscription contains at least one active user with the Standard module. After that, you can go every which way depending on the users and their functional requirements.

Standard module

Manage accounts, upload payment files, initiate and sign payments. This module can be extended with optional modules.

Signing module

Consult account information and consult & sign entered transactions. This module cannot be extended with optional modules.

Optional modules

Within the Standard module, you can easily extend your subscription by adding optional modules. This way you turn Isabel 6 into a real financial solution adapted to your needs.

Direct debits

Enter SEPA Direct Debits manually or import them as a file and send them to your bank


Share beneficiaries with other users and invite them automatically by e-mail to sign payments

Offline reporting

Manage account information extensively, consult them offline and draw up reports and save them as a PDF file or export them to Excel

Various files & cheques

Upload free-format files and cheques (RCA files) and send them to your bank

Isabel GO

Exchange payment and CODA files between Isabel 6 and your accounting package directly at the push of a button


Download CODA files and MT940 files of all your accounts and forward them to your accounting package for further processing

Banks and payment institutions

Isabel 6 offers an access to accounts at more than 25 banks and payment institutions. No more having to log on to three or more different programs to do your banking online. In Isabel 6 you get an instant overview of your financial position.

Accounting packages

Most accounting packages and ERP's are compatible with Isabel 6 for uploading payment files as well as downloading reporting files. Some packages go even further and offer a full integration with the Isabel Go button that's built in their interface.